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Fright Nights Construction

Date Posted:

Saturday 24th September 2016


Fright Nights is less than 2 weeks away and work is still underway to transform the island! All of the mazes look almost completely with finishing touches being made before actor training begins. With a date set for the Annual Pass and Press evening the park haven't got long until the event begins on Friday 8th October 2016. 

New for 2016, Platform 15 departs the old Canada Creek Railway station turning left down the old railway track. Due to the location of the maze and Loggers Leap being closed you can only see the end of the maze from the footpath unless your on Saw The Ride. When on saw it would seem this tunnel at the end is from the on ride photo of saw the ride through to the exit of Samurai. Probably due to the maze end being in the ride area for Saw. Themed lights have been put up inside the station of Canada Creek on the platform along with a new walkway added to get from the platform down into the maze. 

Improved for 2016 with new scenes added, The Blair Witch Project maze is back! The shed at the end of the maze currently looks like its undergoing a makeover with the inside currently storing more flat packed scenes and what we think is some props being stored outside?  

Cabin in the woods a personal favourite of ours doesn't appear to have had any work done to it yet with the queue line for the maze already half pre set up due to it using colossus fastrack queue line. The maze doesn't require much work on the outside so wont take more than half a day to set up we reckon.

Containment has been being worked on constantly throughout the year with the shipping containers put in as a permanent addition. The tent for the pre show of the ride has been put up with paths currently being dug up and installed. 

Saw Alive looks like its had its queue line jet washed over the past few weeks with the area sealed off due to the construction of the big top further down the path. Its currently unknown if anything inside Saw Alive has changed over the season.

The Big Top is back and has changed location since last year. It would appear the park have seen their mistake of putting the maze on the beach due to it flooding a few times last year and have moved it to outside the crust where my bloody valentine was. The maze looks like it will be longer in length than it was last year and from the glimpse we saw inside the curtain today it looks like its going to be a interesting maze! We look forward to seeing what the park have changed inside the maze. 

Of course we shall be visiting on the press evening and be doing LIVE updates from the event on our dedicated live system. With newly featured audio walkthroughs and polls where you can choose what maze we go to next! More information coming soon…

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