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Rulantica Water Park Construction Continues

Date Posted:

Monday 22nd October 2018


Work on the new waterpark called Rulantica and the new 276 room hotel Kronasar is well underway at Europa Park in Germany. Opening in 2019 the hotel is now available to pre-book with the waterpark opening later in the year. 

The large beams that line the roof of the waterpark have been installed and it would now appear work is turning to waterproof the building. Towards the right-hand side of the building, a metal structure has started to be installed which will soon become the end wall and enclose the building.  

Placed to the side of the construction site, slides of various shapes, colour and sizes can be seen ready to install over the next few months. Other basic items look to have been started to be installed, in a few of the photos air-con and lights can already be seen installed. 

One thing that shocked us is the sheer scale of the hotel and waterpark until you see it in person or compare it to a small object you don’t realise how big the waterpark and hotel will be. We look forward to seeing the project all completed next year! 

Photo Gallery: