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Fright Nights 2018 Construction Summary

Date Posted:

Saturday 22nd September 2018


Fright Nights begins in 12 days, with the Annual Pass Preview for the event being hosted next Saturday there is still a lot of work to do before the event begins. Living Nightmare Do or Die seems to be the centre of attention since our update last weekend fences have been installed between the containers creating the layout of the maze. 

Unlike last year when the maze was located on The Swarm island, this year it appears you will go into some of the containers. Last week a glimpse inside one of the containers saw some old theming from a past maze, this has now been removed along with some new items added inside. Along with the work on the layout and theming of the maze a large lighting rig has been installed in the centre of the outside section. We believe that the Do or Die maze will have two possible endings, one via the container and the other via the abandoned car and barrels. 

Yesterday the park announced another new maze for Fright Night, Dead Creek Woods. We believe this maze will be based down the Zombie Hunt route taken during summer 2018. Before you used to go through the Platform 15 entrance however with the entrance sign now up for the maze we think you will enter through the old Blair Witch / Canada Creek Railway entrance. 

The end tunnel of Platform 15 has been cut short with the final tent of the maze being installed further down the Saw The Ride restricted area. New lighting poles have been installed at the exit of Samurai to light up the remainder of the route. 

Vulcan Peak will be based in the I’m A Celebrity building, theming outside started last week with skull heads being added to the outside of the building along with new shrubbery. This week the I’m A Celebrity sign from the top of the building has been removed. Signs outside the attraction are still advertising the maze will be back for 2019. More theming has been added outside the entrance to the maze, with the maze restricting your eyesight with a bag on your head. We expect that one long rope will be being installed throughout the attraction. 

Fences at The Walking Dead Living Nightmare have been moved back to allow actors in and out of the attraction to begin training. The entrance for Blair Witch is currently unknown however we believe you will enter and queue via the space next to I’m A Celeb often referred to as the compound. The exit route for the maze no longer takes you down the access road but via the Nemesis Inferno exit path. A new pathway has been built to allow for this. Along with the new facades for Blair Witch, new tarpaulin has been added to block out light and to make the experience more immersive. 

Thorpe Park Fright Nights runs between 5th- 31st October with six new live action scare mazes and horror zones. For more information visit

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