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Legoland Madhouse Ride Delivered

Date Posted:

Sunday 16th September 2018


Today we can reveal that the madhouse ride has started to be delivered to Legoland Windsor. Stored in a staff carpark, ride components are being stored ready for installation over the next few weeks. Parts for the ride have been labeled up as “Seat + Floor 4 + lapbars 1 piece” 

Over the past two weeks construction work on the warehouse for the madhouse has been progressing nicely. With two mount points added at both ends of the building, it was only a matter of time until the components for the ride was delivered to the park. All of the ride building structure has been installed and the outside is now being prepared to be cladded and made watertight ready for winter. Then work can begin on theming the inside and the outside of the ride. 

One of the main parts for the ride has already been delivered to the haunted house site. A huge ballast beam sits at the bottom of the seats and acts as a counterweight to stop the car from rotating with the room. We expect that by the end of September the drum of the ride will be installed and the front half of the building will start to be cladded, keeping the ride out of sight. 

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