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Fright Nights 2018 Main Work Begins

Date Posted:

Saturday 15th September 2018


Fright Nights 2018 is just a few weeks away and with the park being closed for 3 days this week the park has taken advantage of these closed days and had the cranes in to start construction on one of the new mazes The Walking Dead, Do or Die. Based on the old maze Sanctum, the maze has moved locations and is in a new location, with what appears to be a new layout and a lot more theming. The fire truck has returned along with more of an open layout. This year we believe that you will enter via a school bus exiting from the back of the bus as seen in one of the walking dead series episodes.

This year the Big Top has been reimagined and will be based inside the dome. The old clown face entrance feature where you used to enter through can currently be seen on the ground next to the Walking Dead Do or Die maze. Red lights have also been installed in the dome ready for the Big Top show.

At I'm A Celeb Maze get me out of here attraction, the space is currently being transformed into the maze Vulcan Peak a cult-themed maze where a bag is put over your head and you walk around the maze guided by a rope on the walls. Skull heads and new rock and grass theming have currently been installed in the entrance plaza for the ride. Along with an old drum that was seen on an old ride called Miss’s hippos fungle safari. 

Over at Platform 15, the tunnel looks to be finished, the insides of the tunnel were being put together by staff this afternoon. Our guess is that due to some of the tunnel being used for the start of The Blair maze this year the ending of Platform 15 will be cut short this year. The sign for Platform 15 can now be seen sitting on the side of the entrance for the maze. 

The newly reimagined Blair Witch maze appears to have a new exit this year. The park appears to be working on building a new exit ramp for the maze leading into the Nemesis Inferno exit path. A newly dropped curb and fence postmarks on the ground appear to show a new exit for the maze. It would make sense seeing as in previous years you would walk down the access road for the park. Inside the Blair Witch maze, work is progressing on making the sets look better. Such as making the shed at the end look more like a house.

“This year, nowhere is safe!”

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