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Fright Nights 2018 Preparation Continues

Date Posted:

Sunday 9th September 2018


With 2 days left until the full line up for Fright Nights, 2018 is announced preparation for the event is going on around the park for this year's event! Last week we reported that yellow markings the size of containers on the floor outside the Crust where The Big Top used to be had been spotted. This section of path has now been closed off with construction fences blocking the way, we suspect by this time next week we’re see some tents or shipping containers setup. We suspect this will be for a Scare Zone. 

Its currently rumored that The Blair Witch Project is returning for this year's event, with a symbol for the films spotted in the trees on the exit platform of Nemesis Inferno. The old exit shed from the maze has been reopened and a tent can be seen hanging down from the trees above what looks to be a new route for the maze. 

The Zombie Hunt event from the summer has been dismantled with a new maze set up in its space. Next door to I'm A Celeb it looks like a new maze / The Blair Witch will be starting from here. With wooden pallets making a corridor into a black tunnel with speakers on the sides. We think this will be the entrance to the newly improved Blair Witch Maze. 

The end black tunnel for the Platform 15 maze has started to be reset-up again. The entrance for Platform 15 was redesigned and used for the Zombie Hunt maze for the summer season. Although the entrance is still set up for the temporary attraction over the next few weeks this will be taken down and returned to the normal Platform 15 style entrance. 

One of the biggest rumors going around at the moment is that instead of building The Big Top outside this year the park is building it inside the event's marquee and leaving it as a surprise last addition. We can confirm nothing is inside the marquee but chairs and tables. 

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