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Rumba Rapids Boats Improvements

Date Posted:

Saturday 8th September 2018


After the rapids accident at Drayton Manor last year Merlin has taken the decision to install additional safety measures on all water rapids rides. All of the water effects on Congo River Rapids at Alton Towers have been turned off and at Thorpe Park staff are sitting on the bank of the ride with a megaphone to remain guests to remain seated. 

New boats with additional safety measures have been spotted in the water at Thorpe Park with more sat along Monks Walk. With a new round bar in the middle of the boat, higher bars on the sides of the boat and doors to get in and out.

It would seem these are being tested outside of opening hours. We expect all boats will be turned into these for the start of the 2019 season. 

EDIT: It would seem that 3 of the boats are now being tested with guests. 

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