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Fright Nights 2018 Prep Begins

Date Posted:

Sunday 2nd September 2018


Fright Nights 2018 are nearly upon us, this year has the tagline of “This year nowhere is safe!” 

Very little is currently known apart from the event begins on selected days from 5th October and ends on 31st October. The poster for the event was released by the park on their social media channels last week. The words nowhere is safe leads us to believe that the park might introduce a scare zone walkthrough like Alton Towers has tried over the past few years. 

Currently, the only two confirmed attractions coming back for this year is Containment and TWD Living Nightmare. 

Normally by this time in the year the tent for the popular maze The Big Top is up with work inside the maze taking place over the next few weeks. However yellow markings the shape of containers on the floor area usually taken up by the tent can currently be seen. With the other Sanctum maze last year using some of the containers we’re not sure if some of these containers could be being used as part of a new maze this year. We’ve been told clowns will still be a part of this year's event though! Big Top V3.0? 

The location of Sanctum also remains untouched with some containers just sat on the side, we expect if the maze returns this year it will have a different layout as last year lots of people didn’t rate the maze very high. 

Along with TWD Living Nightmare, Saw Alive has been opened through the year so we expect Saw Alive to also make a return for this year's Fright Nights event. Saw Alive has been part of the Fright Nights listing for a number of years now and has remained untouched since being installed. Could 2018 be the last year for Saw Alive? 

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