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Ferrari World Mission Ferrari

Date Posted:

Thursday 23rd August 2018


Ferrari World Mission Ferrari is an SFX rollercoaster being built by ride manufacturer Dynamic Attractions. 

The ride started construction back in 2014 however due to issues with the ride the opening of the ride has been delayed and delayed. The ride is still yet to be seen testing, however, we believe progress is now being made within the attraction. 
An entrance for the ride has started to be built along with theming added inside the attraction. Whilst you can’t actually see inside the ride, after going back inside the building from the small outside section there appears to be some greenery. Possibly a section themed around a forest. 

The attraction isn’t listed on the park's website but on the parks social media channels they just say keep an eye out soon for more news.  

Photos were taken on 23rd August 2018. 

EDIT: It would appear that the attraction has actually been testing, wheel marks can be seen on various sections of the track. 

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