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Saw Alive Fails To Open

Date Posted:

Monday 6th August 2018


Saw Alive was due to open for the peak summer season at Thorpe Park Resort. 

Listed on the park's website, the page about the attraction still states that it will be open from 21st July until Monday 3rd September. “Please Note: SAW Alive is open 12pm-Park Close from Saturday 21st July-Monday 3rd September.” 

In its replacement, Walking Dead Living Nightmare has reopened. Other special event attractions open for the summer is Zombie Hunt located next to The Rocky Express. 

In photos taken a few days ago, it would seem the boat the maze is located in is having some essential repairs done to it causing the maze to remain shut. On the parks, social media channels. The park still doesn't have a confirmed reopening date for Saw Alive. 

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