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Twirling Toadstool Abandoned

Date Posted:

Tuesday 17th July 2018


Twirling Toadstool at Alton Towers has been listed as being closed under the Towers Loving Care scheme for the past 2 seasons. Originally listed for having a paint job during the first year of the scheme the work was postponed due to bad weather. However, since the ride was shut and dismantled at the beginning of the 2017 season the ride has been abandoned behind a fence. 

Left to rot and exposed to the elements, nothing has been done to the ride during its downtime. 

It's starting to look like the ride will never return. Will Twirling Toadstool return? Only time will tell, but we don’t think so! 

“Twirling Toadstool is currently unavailable while we sprinkle some Towers Loving Care across the theme park.” 

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