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2018 Scarefest Construction

Date Posted:

Wednesday 18th July 2018


With the Alton Towers Scarefest announcement made over the past few days, we thought we should take a trip to Alton Towers to check out the construction for the event this year as we had heard that it was well underway!

The reveal also informed us of a new maze being added to the lineup, Project 42, which is going to be positioned in Forbidden Valley. After the recent news of work around Nemesis: Sub Terra we are almost certain that this will be the location for this new maze. As soon as you enter the area from Gloomy Wood you are instantly hit by the work taking place... A large covered structure has been erected and covered completely in black tarp next to the rides baggage area as well as a yellow tent in the pre-batching area. Around the queue line, wooden archways have been built, which will presumably but covered and could be a part of the maze itself or part of the queue line before you enter the experience.

It was then time to check out the status of the two mazes that situate themselves within The Towers, "Sub Species: The End Games" and "Altonville Mine Tours: Legend of the Skin Snatchers". Last year, there were three mazes in The Towers, however, Terror of the Towers has now been retired from the lineup and this year will be the first year since the event began where there wasn't some iteration of the maze. The entrance for the maze still remains, although this may be yet to be removed it could be possible that the other two mazes will be utilising the space previously taken up by the maze.

Through some of the windows of the Towers you can see some temporary walls that have been erected, however, The Towers have now been closed to the public whilst work takes place so couldn't get any further. 

Construction for Sub Species can always be seen more prominently, due to a section of the maze being made out of shipping containers outside of the maze itself, the guests move from The Towers to the containers via a bridge that connects to a door on the side of the building itself, the door is closed and the bridge has yet to be constructed. A large majority of the shipping containers are now in place yet some are still to be put into place but progress is moving on nicely.

We cannot get public access to Altonville Mine Tours but we are aware that the maze has finished its construction as the popular scare expo, Scare Con having the maze open as one of its perks for the guests attending the event, however, outside the exit of the maze a large skip has appeared which presumably is to clear out some pieces of Terror of the Towers that are no longer required.

The final maze for this year is The Welcoming, which is placed in The Courtyard in Mutiny Bay but no work has taken place as of yet.

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