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Zombie Hunt First Glimpse

Date Posted:

Tuesday 10th July 2018


Zombie Hunt at Thorpe Park begins on 21st July and runs until 3rd September. As part of the Year of The Walking Dead, the attraction is based around zombies, however, is nothing to do with the walking dead franchise. 

Described on the Thorpe Park website:
"A hoard of zombies has invaded the woodland on the outskirts of THORPE PARK Resort – and we need your help to hunt them down before we have an epidemic on our hands! Grab your weapons and join the cause as you head into the woods in this extreme battle for survival."

From a quick glimpse down monks walk you can see the old Blair Witch shed has been opened up at one end revealing new wooden panels inside. Further up the outskirts of the park (monks walk), random items of theming have been installed. From old metal panels from the advertisement for The Swarm, to old toilets and some old train speed signs. The most interesting section of Zombie Hunt looks to be further down the Platform 15 maze. If Thorpe Parks advertisement videos are anything to believe. 

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