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Asiatic Lion Cubs To Leave Chessington

Date Posted:

Friday 22nd June 2018


In September 2016 Rani gave birth to 3 beautiful female Asiatic Lion Cubs Anala, Ramari and Kesari, however now they are all fully grown they will be flying the nest on Monday 25th June and will be moving to Terra Natura Zoo in Spain.

From small little lion cubs to adults they’ve been beautiful to watch grow over the past year and a half! Over the next few years of their life’s, we will be keeping an eye out and will be awaiting news on when they themselves have cubs of their own. 

News from Chessington’s Facebook Page: 

“Adventurers, we wanted to let you know that on Monday our three female Asiatic lion cubs, Anala, Ramari and Kesari, born here in September 2016 to Rani and Kamal, are moving to Terra Natura Zoo in Spain so that they can go on to start families of their own as part of the European Endangered Species Programme.

Here at Chessington we are part of a wider Zoo community, each member doing their part for the breeding of endangered species in our care. Our work isn’t just limited to the animals within our Zoos, we act for their counterparts in the wild through education and conservation work.

Make sure you pop in over the weekend to say goodbye to our very own three lions, here at Chessington we’re very sad to see them go. We’re sure you have questions about the move, so we will have Senior Carnivore Keeper, Oli, answering your questions on Facebook between 10-11am this morning.”

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