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Not Dogs Restaurant Opens

Date Posted:

Wednesday 30th May 2018


The Not Dogs restaurant has finally opened at Chessington! Originally announced back in March Not Dogs is the first theme park in the UK to have a restaurant dedicated to serving just vegetarian food. Today we went to the park to sample some of the food on the menu and we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it tastes! 

Located in the old Mexican Cantina building the Not Dogs restaurant fits right in, offering table service you order your food at the bar then find somewhere to sit and await your food. As with other none Merlin food outlets you can’t fill up your drinks quencher or get Merlin Annual Pass discount but the food tastes good! Costing £9.50 for an adult meal the food is a little costly however for that price you can get a vegetarian hot dog, vegetarian chicken nuggets, and a drink.

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