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Apocalypse Weekends Begin

Date Posted:

Saturday 12th May 2018


Update your Thorpe Park App and prepare to storm the island for Apocalypse Weekends, a treasure hunt around the theme park finding and scanning items in exchange for a free ticket to return in September and exclusive to Annual Pass Holders, a pop badge. 

Along with the event being hosted around the island, extra theming has been added to the entrance to the park as well as announcements being made over the park BGM and a slight change to the staff uniform. Staff are preparing for an outbreak and has their war paint on ready! As modeled by the staff member in the photos. 

“Your briefing is simple: scour the Island for supplies, deliver them to the Safe Zone and prevent the possibility of an all-out walker outbreak.” 

Apocalypse Weekends run:
12-13 May, 19-20 May, 26-27 May, 2-3 June, 9-10 June, 16-17 June, 23-24 June

Photo Gallery: