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Land of the Tiger Project Complete?

Date Posted:

Sunday 22nd April 2018


Everything seems to be going very well over at Chessington and the new Land of the Tiger area. The construction site office that used to be based near dragons fury has now been removed and theming outside the construction gates has gone up over the past few days. In the form of a new entrance portal and some red flags with a tiger on it. A few days ago, another theme park page reported the ride testing, today two boats could be seen sitting on the ride lift hill. 

Theming on the final drop is now looking incredible, last week we could see people painting on the fine details onto the theming and this week it's now visible the amount of time and detail they where painting on it. Even from the Korba queue line and the Tomb Blaster viewing platform which sees the back of the structure, it looks stunning.

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