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The Walking Dead: The Ride 

Date Posted:

Tuesday 20th February 2018


New For 2018 at Thorpe Park Resort: The Walking Dead The Ride 

Out with the old in with the new. X is no more! Back in December, we reported that the entrance portal to the old ride had been removed to make way for something new and exciting. The park has been overrun by walkers and there is only one goal and that is to survive. Head to the center of the island and take shelter in the indoor bunker. Keep your head down and move quickly for your best chance of survival. 
For the first time ever experience The Walking Dead The Ride. Those who ride…survive!

The artwork for the attraction makes it look heavily themed with the possibility of new trains with lights on the front of them. If the indoor maze is anything to go by the walking dead the ride should be really well themed. 

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