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Monks Walk Christmas Closed Season Update

Date Posted:

Saturday 23rd December 2017


Christmas is coming to town and closed season work is progressing well across Thorpe Park. Since our last drive down scaffolding has been put up around some sections of Colossus and work on the bridge into the park seems to be progressing. Rush is still in pieces on the ground and work on Vortex seems to have started now. In our last closed season update post, we posted that the entrance of X seems to have been removed, since then the park has released plans for a new entrance feature for the ride. It's currently unknown if the ride will stay as X or be rethemed into something else.

From across the lake, you can’t see much however when walking down the monks walk path that runs alongside Nemesis Inferno and C̶a̶n̶a̶d̶a̶ C̶r̶e̶e̶k̶ Old Town. We can see that Rocky Express has been taken apart and is having work done to it, wheel covers from the ride have been perched on the fences around the ride. Mr. Monkeys Banana Boat has its usual scaffolding up around it. The teacups have been tipped on their side and taken off of the ride. Work on Nemesis Inferno is continuing from what we can see from the footpath, it would appear the brake shoes are being replaced throughout the ride this year. 

A few weeks ago another theme park fan page uploaded a photo of what appeared to be a Thorpe Park Rumba Rapids boat at Alton Towers with some slight modifications done to them. On the floor next to the rumba boats at Thorpe Park was a device used to move them from one area to another. It appears like the boats are slowly being shipped up to Alton Towers a few at a time to have these medications done? 

Whilst the island sleeps for the winter we wish all readers a Happy Christmas! Next year is going to be a big one for theme parks in the UK! 

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