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2017/2018 Closed Season Insight

Date Posted:

Friday 17th November 2017


The closed season has officially begun with enthusiasts across left wondering whats new for 2018 at Thorpe Park. Nothing has been announced yet but at the end of the goodbye 2017 season video on the parks social media channels we see some text come up saying “The countdown to 2018 has begun” The numbers 2018 flash red during the end of the video along with a change of music. 

In an article by Thorpe Park Mania shared by the park, there are 6 closed season milestones one of which is “Closed Season Pictures” often consisting of loggers leap and rumba rapids boats and enthusiasts getting excited over bricks and soil being moved.

Todays closed season insight doesn’t dither from the usual photos of rumba and loggers boats but it does give us an insight of what the park might be doing for 2018! In a photo taken last year and this year, it would appear X is getting some intensive work this closed season. The front of the X pyramid had a portal which since the park closed has been removed! Comparing the two photos one from last year and the other from today there's clearly something going on. During the 2017 season, the ride closed for around 2 months for work to be done to it so it would be silly to remove it so suddenly. It could just be winter maintenance and a rebuild of the entrance. 

Rush has been taken apart following its prolonged closure during the theme park season, we expect that it will be back up and running for the start of the 2018 season. Parts of the ride can be seen sitting outside the old crust building where the big top used to sit during the Halloween period. Also spotted on the floor is the framework for the ride Zodiac.

Meanwhile, across the rest of the park, everything seems to be nice and quiet. The rumba rapids and logger leap boats are being kept warm by the huge pile leafs in and around them. Work is being done on the brake run of Nemesis Inferno, presumably to replace the brake pads. The Rocky Express is still in one piece and Loggers Leap is still sat collecting dust and slowly filling up the trough with rainwater. Hopefully one day Thorpe Park will announce if it's going to reopen.   

So far not much has happened around the island but with it being a clear day it gave us a great opportunity to take some lake photos! One thing for sure, Thorpe Park is definitely the most photogenic park during the winter.  

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