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Thorpe Park Rangers Models Discovered

Date Posted:

Saturday 11th November 2017


Back in November 2014 Thorpe Park announced that the carousel was going to be removed to make way for a new attraction which later become Derren Browns Ghost Train.

The ride was removed at the start of the 2015 theme park season with all of the models removed and put into what everyone thought was storage. When the park hit capacity a few weeks ago guests where being parked all over the place as the main car park and fields where full. When we were parked in a random section of the staff car park a few of the team spotted something in the distance. A few of the old Chief Rangers Carousel models have been left outside gathering dust, but mainly leaves and dirt. A strange but refreshing sight of Thorpe Park history.

What would be interesting is if the park were to put these up on eBay and sell them off to enthusiasts for money for the Merlin Magic Making Charity.  

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