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Land of the Tiger Opening 2018

Date Posted:

Sunday 29th October 2017


Something Tigerrific is coming to Chessington in 2018. Work on Tiger Rock isn’t standing around for anyone. Mystic East is no more, with the area closed for the past few weeks work is fully underway to prepare the area for a new lease of life.
The foundations that once held up peeking heights have been dug up and removed to make way for the new tiger enclosures. Photos of the site also show that a lot of trees have been cut down over the past few weeks.  
Down near the site office, some metal footers can be seen ready for what we think will be the new theming feature on the final drop. With the closed season starting in less than 24 hours this will be the last view of Mystic East before the park reopens next year in March! We look forward to seeing how the park transforms the area. 

“NEW for 2018, Tiger Rock, an exhilarating log flume in NEW Land of the Tiger. Get a unique view of our majestic Amur Tigers, before descending a misty waterfall drop, right through the centre of a giant tiger's head carved into the imposing rock.”

Photo Gallery: