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Alton Towers Scarefest - 6 days to go!

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Sunday 1st October 2017


With one more scare free weekend to go we thought we would pop down and visit Alton Towers to see what is happening around the resort and what has been done to prepare for the Scarefest season.

First thing we noticed was an invasion, more specifically an invasion of lighting generators! They have invaded the park and are currently in pretty much every area of the park. (As you will see from our generator heavy photo gallery!)

In terms of the Towers based mazes, there was not much to see apart from a suspicious hut appearing down the side of the Towers ruins (Scarefest fans might remember what it was originally used for back in 2014) 

Work is progressing around Her Ladyship's Gardens as they prepare the queue lines for the mazes, however couldn't see much due to the area being currently closed off to the public.

There is currently no queue lines in place for Altonville Mine tours or House of Monsters but again, these tasks can be done relatively quickly especially with the Theme Park being closed on Wednesday, I imagine most of the these tasks will be done Wednesday, as Thursday is the staff preview night.

The lighting trusses are now in the moat surrounding the towers lighting up the ruins ever so slightly. 

The Freak show scare zone is currently a no show however, with the scare zone consisting of small set pieces this will probably be moved into place a day or two before the event starts, however we spotted a lonely generator along side the safe route pathway.

The most visible changes is with The Welcoming, the area now has a lot of set pieces in place, from wicker figures to wells and haystacks. The scare maze looks pretty much complete now.


Photo Gallery: