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Scarefest - Two weeks to go!

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Sunday 24th September 2017


With two weeks to go, everything is coming together to get everything ready for Scarefest. With more work than every before with 4 mazes to prepare as well as a scare zone, Freak Show.

Around the park it seems that all other scare mazes are done, at least from the public view. Sub species / Altonville Mine Tours seems the same as before however we have noticed a mysterious white sheet appear around the side of the towers.

Her Ladyships Gardens is now closed off and lights have appeared around the area, including the top section meaning that could be used as one of the queue lines, much like The Sanctuary a few years back.

Also, the bridge that goes over the moat has had plywood flooring hinting that the bridge may see some use after all however, we are skeptical that this will be used constantly and may be used as a fire evacuation route for the queue line above.

The main change is around the new for 2017 maze, The Welcoming, which will be based around the storyline for SW8. Lots of sheets have been put around the three entrances to the Mutiny Bar Courtyard restricting views to what will be going on inside the maze. Yesterday (23.09.17) Alton Towers released a teaser for The Welcoming with the last scene seeing an actor pull a hood down across her face, causing discussion that the maze will be hooded, much like Molly Crowe in 2015. 

Looking at the Mutiny Bar Courtyard today we have noticed several bits of guide rope near the door to Courtyard Tavern, proving that at least some of the maze will feature a hooded section. After looking at the rest of the maze, there are several thematic elements such as buildings and flame torches so we are sure that only the first section will be hooded. We noticed a lot of excess rope too so the section that we see may continue further.

There is more work to be done on The Welcoming however and we will try our best to get the Alton Towers before Scarefest begins to bring you more updates.


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