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End Of the Line For The Hill Train?

Date Posted:

Saturday 23rd September 2017


The Hill Train at Legoland Windsor has been closed for almost the whole season, operating for only a few weeks the transport system from the top of the park down to the centre has been broken for the longest time since the park became Legoland. The ride is the oldest thing on park and was previously part of old Windsor Safari Park. 

Not much is currently known as to the reason why however a quick look at the ride a the top and bottom makes it looks like something major. The cables that pull the ride up and down the hill are very loose and in some parts are off the runners. With the two trains parked just outside of the station and not moved in a while its not looking good for the ride. The only mention of the closure of the ride is signs when you get into the park and the entrance of the two stations. 

With big bags of stones half way up the hill it looks like they’ve been removing the chippings around the track. Possibly to test certain sections of the track? 

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