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Fright Nights T-Minus 10 Days

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Sunday 17th September 2017


Fright Nights begin in just 10 days time! The park is starting to look ready for what could be the biggest and best year ever. 

Every year the park advertises Fright Nights as better than ever however this year we feel like the event has had more effort and money driven into it. With all of the mazes looking finished from the outside. 

Starting off at Containment, the signs for the escape room have been put back up again. Its currently unknown if it will have the same story following the maze being gutted earlier this year. 

Platform 15 has had a lot of work done to it over the past few days with the tunnel fully installed and a new exit facade put up. Over the past few days we’ve learnt more details about the maze that it has new scenes and promises to be scarier than ever this year. 

Saw Alive doesn't appear to have had any work done to it but theres some fresh wood at the exit of the maze.

The Big Top is looking pretty completed with all of the side doors now closed and fire escape lights added to the exit doors. A new mesh cover has been added to the entrance with a nice “The Big Top” logo on the side of it. Inside the clowns mouth section, separated by black flaps there are speakers above you. We expect this will be for the safety message to stop staff losing their voices. 

Both of the new Walking Dead Horror Mazes look to be making good progress, all of the items seen last week on the grass edge has been installed or moved. Shipping containers for the outside maze have been themed up a bit with one of them now saying “Sanctum” in big white letters. And inside the maze of containers more theming has been added. Its looking more like a maze now rather than a collection of containers. 

The TPG Team will be down at the press event for Fright Nights 2017 blogging on the LIVE stream platform.

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