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Fright Nights September 9th Update

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Saturday 9th September 2017


Fright Nights is 18 days away from beginning and work around the park is in full swing to get the everything ready for the event. The old experiment 10 shipping containers have made a return. With experiment 10 maze and My Bloody Valentine being absent for the past few years we hope that the insides of the containers have been refreshed ready for the new maze located behind the swarm island. From the layout of the shipping containers it appears that the outside maze could be two floors. The layout of the maze also looks very interesting with multiple routes to take. The old swarm firetruck that used to be where containment is has been used in the maze. And finally after 3 years of the maze not being around the old experiment 10 stickers have been removed. One thing to note, the ends of the shipping containers on the second floor appear to have the ends blocked up with wood. 

Down near The Big Top the clown entrance feature has been put up again, the rest of the maze looks pretty complete. From the door open to the side it would appear all thats left to do now is install the speakers and test everything. At the end of the day today the music for the maze has been being tested. Platform 15 has had its stupidly long tunnel reinstalled again. Those of you that did the maze last year will remember this long and boring black tunnel. Hopefully this year the park can do something a little more exciting in this long dark space. 

Work on the Walking Dead: Living Nightmare (the replacement for Cabin in the Woods) appears to be getting on nicely. With the entrance tunnel fully repainted and a new spoke alarm point installed on the wall into the tunnel. A large shipping container has been added outside for what we expect is a workers storage. Wheels of metal fencing can be seen coiled up on the floor ready to be installed. 

With the press night scheduled for 28th September theres not alot of time left! Join the TPG Live team as they brave the walking dead live from the press evening.

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