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Scarefest - (Almost) One month to go!

Date Posted:

Monday 4th September 2017


With almost one month to go before the Scarefest festivities we headed to Alton Towers to check out what has been going on.

When we got there we were surprised to see a lot of progress taking place, specifically around the shipping containers of Sub species. 

A door was open on one of the containers giving us a little bit of insight of what could be inside, with many staff members coming in and out periodically.

There has been a bit more work around the outside of the containers, with theming elements put in place.

Since our last visit the Terror of the towers exit has been covered up whilst work takes place although there was nothing else to be seen.

The most noticeable change is the location of the new 2017 maze, The Welcoming with lots of work taking place around the Mutiny Courtyard. The route is starting to take shape and we noticed several light structures making the shape of several runic structure which spell out "SW8". There are several marking on the floor too which could be to mark out other elements for the maze that are yet to be put into position.

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