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Fright Nights Update Bank Holiday 2017

Date Posted:

Monday 28th August 2017


With 30 days left until Fright Nights begin there's still a lot left to do until the park is ready. However, with the theme of the event still unknown, everyone is left guessing as to what the maze being built inside the old cabin in the woods space will be. With the old maze stripped bare a new one is currently being built in its space. As seen from the X queue line. Wooden walls are being put up however the height of them suggests that the maze going inside that space could have 2 floors! With cutouts for what we expect will be windows in the wooden frame. On one section of the frame, we can see some fake bricks added to it. If this maze is two floors this could make for some interesting scares. Wood for the maze and others can be seen scattered around the park with some at the entrance, outside the ghost train and in the storage area next to I'm a celeb. 

“A global phenomenon invades fright nights 2017” 

Over at The Big Top, the maze looks to be coming close to completion. A more permeant structure appears to be being built this year. Gone are the flaps on the doors and this year sees a proper marquee structure built. Inside the maze, the strobe maze section looks to be making a return and at the exit, the long dark corridor where you got chased out by an actor with a chain saw is back. Lots of old props can be seen out the back with the clown mouth entrance feature laying on the floor. 

Not much seems to be happening with Saw Alive or the Blair Witch Project. The Blair Witch Project maze isn't confirmed to be returning this year however in a photo uploaded by the parks social media team suggests otherwise. Due to the construction of the big top, the saw alive path is closed.

Platform 15 looks to have been changed slightly this year, whilst on Saw The Ride you can see a more permanent tunnel system has been built running down the path. However, the long black tunnel hasn't made a return yet, where you met the conductor. 

Containment has had a lot of activity recently, with all of the props outside in a tent no one knows whats going on with the attraction. However, during our visit to the park today lots of people were seen going in and out of the maze. A quick glimpse inside the maze suggests that the maze is getting a refit for 2017. The old vault scene still remains however, all of the walls in that scene have been stripped down bare ready for new theming or something. Could we be getting two new mazes for 2017? Although the sign on the entrance to containment still states its returning for fright nights. 

There's lots to do around the park to get it ready for Fright Nights 2017 and we can't wait to see what the park does this year! We’re sure it's going to be the best year ever.

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