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SW8 - Love it when a plan goes together

Date Posted:

Sunday 13th August 2017


Another week another time checking out the SW8 construction, there has been again, a lot of changes on the site. The main difference is the fact that they have extended the white sheet hiding the theming element, hiding more of the theming element however, photos taken further down the path reveal what has been done to the "spikes" of the theming element.

As you could see in the photos there seems to have been some spraying / the start of some rock work for the element. Another change comes with the addition of more bents just before the shed. This shows an element of airtime that we are going to have on the ride before we go through the theming element. The shed is coming along, the roof has been covered since last time we visited.

There also seems to be the start of a path being formed near the construction wall. On the lift hill there has been planks added in going up the lift hill and more work has been done on the pre show building, with wood now starting to around the metal structure.

Photo Gallery: