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Alton Towers - Updates around the resort!

Date Posted:

Thursday 10th August 2017


There has been a lot going on around Alton Towers, Here is a roundup of all new things that have came to the resort recently.

New Bar Opens at Rollercoaster Restaurant:

When the Rollercoaster Restaurant opened back in March last year, there was one downside to eating at the restaurant, the range of drinks. Alton Towers have slowly been expanding the range of drinks since originally opening, however last week the park expanded the offering even more, by turning a small section into a bar. The bar hosts a range of spirits to enable guests to have freshly made cocktails and more beer choices (including some craft beer offerings), which will provide a better experience for the guest. Anyone for a Ginball Whizzer?

Towers Loving Care Re-Paint Extraordinary Golf Entrance:

It seems Towers Loving Care are still out and about sprucing up tired areas of the park, last week was Extraordinary golfs turn! A painter was on site on Saturday painting the Towers style entrance, giving it a more realistic look, in person it looks very nice and a great, little detail made to keep the resort looking spick and span! 

Galactica reopens after months of down time:

Good news space explorers! Galactica has reopened to the public, as it was open on Saturday we though we would take a ride and see what has changed, we were aware the headsets had also changed so we though it would be a good idea to give it a go and see what we thought.

First thing we spotted was the change of the headset and console on the craft. Originally the headsets were controlled on the craft by a touchscreen where ride hosts could turn on closed captioning, subtitles and to recenter the headset. Now there is just one single button which is to recenter the headset, we believe the other options are controlled centrally at the operation booth.

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