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SW8 - All changing on the site!

Date Posted:

Sunday 6th August 2017


It's all changing on the SW8 site at the moment with lots going on up and down the site with lots to see. Although there was no work on site with it being a Sunday there was still lots to see since our last visit last week.

The bents we saw being prepped for placement are now in place and shows the degree of the banking on that section of the ride, below where the bents have been placed a lot of dirt seems to have been removed, the dirt itself can be seen on the site outside of the park. More bents have also gone up halfway up the site that start to go into the pit.

Near the new bents the new building has appeared which seems to look like a queue line shop, as it has a rear entrance and a big window.

The pre show building frame has now gone up and looks impressive at the back of the site, and some of the station building walls have gone up. 

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