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Fright Nights Round Up

Date Posted:

Saturday 5th August 2017


Fright Nights is coming! And this year promises to be the biggest year ever. “A global phenomenon invades Fright Nights 2017” Although a theme for this years event hasn't been announced yet theres a lot of people talking about the event and that it could be themed around the popular series Walking Dead. 

Over the past few days more Fright Nights posters have been put up around the park. However when you look closer at the photos you can see a few subtle hints to what the theme could be. With the words “forgive us" and “Sanctuary for all community for all those who…” both things seen in the walking dead series. 

So what do we know so far… 

The Big Top will be returning to this years event, as will Platform 15 and Saw Alive. 

With Cabin in the woods now confirmed to have left the parks halloween line up, its all change with the space being empty and ready for a new maze. With Timber Tugboat using the old Blair Witch maze entrance the park is going to have to find another space if they replace the old Blair witch maze with another. 

Not much construction can be seen yet however the shipping container for Big Top has been put into place, containment appears to be having its insides changed? The Blair Witch Cabin is still boarded up with the number 27 spray painted on it. And the outside of cabin in the woods is looking no different from the outside.

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