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Ninjago World Less Than A Week From Opening

Date Posted:

Saturday 20th May 2017


Lego Ninjago World at Legoland Windsor Resort is less than a week away from opening its doors to the public. With the ride advertised to open on 26th May theres a lot left to do until the new area is ready, from taking down the scaffolding to finishing off building the paths and finishing off the queue lines. 

The area was a hive of activity today during our visit to the park. With the entrance archway and signage put up in the area we definitely think it's doable! However its looking like theres going to be a lot of late nights for some of the construction team. During the day we saw lots of progress with the building being repainted in some areas and a roof being put up on top of one of the structures in the area.

The stage over in the Miniland area has also received some work over the past few weeks to reflect the new ride. We suspect that the park will put on a new show on peak days.

Being a clone of the ride from other Lego theme parks the ride is nothing new but will be the newest ride built at the park since Mia’s Riding Adventure. Hopefully this will be the start of a lot of new adventures at Legoland Windsor.

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