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Small Changes At Alton Towers

Date Posted:

Tuesday 16th May 2017


We attended Alton Towers the Sunday just gone and have noticed some small changes to the resort. 

The Congo River Rapids has had some new CCTV Cameras / Monitors. The cameras have had an upgrade so are much better quality allowing for better observation of the ride area.

Also for those eagle eyed enough may spot some old flume theming from outside the park!

In the Enchanted Village the shop has been changed to now include a small arcade as well as the pre existing shop, however now contains less stock due to having less space.

Over at Cbeebies Land hotel work is progressing nicely. Pretty much all of the scaffolding is down on the gardens side and a new pathway has appeared next to the Alton Towers spa, leading up to the doorway at the same location of the spa conservatory. A fire exit has been constructed on the side nearest to the conference center.

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