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The Woods Seem To Be Missing?

Date Posted:

Wednesday 10th May 2017


Fright Nights will be returning for 2017 however the line up looks like it might be a very different this year! With the new Rock and Tug Ride located where the entrance for the Blair Witch Project has been for the past few years. 

It would appear the park have got some bigger and better plans for this years event. 

With nothing currently known about Fright Nights 2017 the whole thing is a bit of a mystery! However in two photos obtained in the past few days it would appear Cabin in the woods wont be returning for this Fright Nights. When we asked Thorpe Park about Cabin in the woods they had nothing to comment but said to “watch this space” In the photos all we can see is the space previously used by the maze, all of the set has been dismantled. Along with the old tunnel used in the old X No Way Out queue line everything looks to have been removed.

Photo Gallery: