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Castle Hotel Build Update

Date Posted:

Monday 1st May 2017


Castle Hotel at Legoland is due to open very soon, dated to open on 1st July 2017 theres still a lot of work left to do until opening day! However the hotel is looking great from across the lake. Work on the inside of the hotel looks almost complete with attention now progressing to the outside patio area. 

The castle hotel isn't the only hotel receiving some work, over at the Legoland Hotel the park have extended the sides slightly. For what we assume will be extensions to the two restaurants in the hotel. 

One thing we also noticed during our walk around of the park was that sections of the old Dino Safari track still exist. Along with the models and signs in the ride area. A couple of days ago if you visited the park and had a look through the fence you would have seen the old Dino Safari queue time board still up. However the board has now been taken down and put on the floor.

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