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Opening May 2017 Lego Ninjago Ride Update

Date Posted:

Sunday 30th April 2017


Over at Legoland Windsor the park are still making the final finishing touches to there new area for 2017, Ninjago World. Featuring two rides one new and the other rethemed to fit in with the new area the land marks a multi million pound investment. Built on the land that used to be Loki’s Labyrinth the new dark ride will be the parks second shooting dark ride however with a different technique of shooting at stuff. In this ride you will use your hands instead of using hairdryer laser guns. 

Work has progressed well since our last update on the project back in March. The building now has now been themed around the sides so that whilst your riding Vikings River Splash it isn't such an eye sore. Along new new lighting poles being installed the front of the building is starting to take shape. Along the side of the site the old Longboat invader has had a paint job whilst its been dismantled and is currently being reinstalled in its new location. 

No opening date for the ride or area has been set yet however on the Legoland Holidays site the park are saying May.

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