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Loggers Leap Gone Or Returning

Date Posted:

Saturday 22nd April 2017


Loggers Leap, is it returning or not? That's the big question that is currently going across all of the theme park fan sites and the parks social media channels. If we had a pound for every time we overheard a guest saying let's go do loggers leap over the past 2 seasons. We would probably have enough to buy a Merlin Annual Pass! 

Yes, the ride is currently closed. 

But no, nothing looks to have been done to the ride since it was shut at the end of the 2015 season.

Whilst on park the other week we thought we would check it out and see the current state of the ride. And it's not looking good for yet another log flume ride. With trees starting to grow up and around some parts of the trough and leaves sat dormant unmoved we don't see the ride reopening any time soon! In one two of the photos, you can just about see into the station where all of the belts are still in place. A boat can still be seen on the track of the station, almost as if the ride was about to dispatch. Also in the station, more boats are sat on the sides along with a temporary bridge to allow people to cross. 

With the flume removed for SW8, we think loggers leap will receive the same treatment over the next few years. Thorpe Park is due to release plans for there next big investment soon so we expect the site of the next big ride or rollercoaster to be where Loggers Leap currently stands. 

Loggers Leap… it was fun whilst it lasted!

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