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Police called after youths climb Stealth & Colossus

Date Posted:

Monday 17th April 2017


Thorpe Park is no stranger to people trying to gain access to the park to urban explore. Over the years theres been a few photos of people illegally gaining access to the park and getting photos whilst up lift hill and urban exploring the park. 

Last night a group of youths climb to the top of Stealth and the Colossus Cobra roll. Police and firefighters had to be called to the park at around 10:15pm last night after they had gone up the cobra roll of Colossus come back down and climbed to the top of Stealth. All without safety equipment we expect. It is believed that they gained access to the park by jumping the fence of Monks Walk a public foot path that runs alongside the park. 

A Surrey Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “A group of youths broke in and climbed to the top of the Stealth ride. By the time we got there they had rescued themselves.”

Photo acquired from the trespassers Instagram Feed.

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