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Friday 16th December 2011

On December 15th 2011 Legoland said on their facebook page to come back tomorrow for some very exciting news and today they have announced rocket racers replacement. Star Wars the miniland experience will be taking over the huge space.

Thursday 8th December 2011

Its been a while since we got a nemesis what lies beneath update and now we have got a update from a fan.

Thursday 8th December 2011

Chessington have been uploading planing permission to change one of there more older lands into a show venue. The famous Toytown rumour is true! The flying jumbos looks to be out the park if not then its going to have a re-theme and maybe put next to the runaway mine train but with a re-theme.

Monday 28th November 2011

The Legoland hotel has started to get its huge lego models for the hotel fitted. In the hotel its looks like were going to have around 8 big models, the first lego model we get a glimce of is the huge lego dragon which is in the towers which over looks the lake towards the show area.

Saturday 5th November 2011

The Alton Towers resort is set to have a very cool 2012 season next year with the new nemesis ride opening and now a new 4D ride ice age 4D which is set to open in the cloud cuckoo land theatre.

Thursday 3rd November 2011

Jack Osbourne has been spotted around the Alton Towers Resort and now we all know why, Alton Towers has now confirmed that Jack Osbourne has been hired as  Alton Towers new director of fear.

Tuesday 25th October 2011

Thorpe Park has taken the decision to shut the Canada creek railway on Sunday 6th November 2011. The park has said they haven't taken this decision lightly but due to the falling numbers off people going on the ride it has had to close.

Sunday 9th October 2011

Its been way over a month since we last posted about the new ride that is going to be put in the old lava lamp site for the 2012 season so its time we have a update!

Saturday 8th October 2011

Construction on The Swarm (LC12) at Thorpe Park is ramping up quickly with sections of track now being installed around the station and the first section of the lift hill has been put into place! Foundations can also be seen for some theming at the bottom of what will become the first drop.

Sunday 2nd October 2011

Its been way over a month since we've visited Legoland and given you all a hotel build update and today we finally got around to getting an update.