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Tuesday 4th May 2021

In 2021, Alton Towers will see a new event come to the resort, Mardi Gras. A carnival-inspired takeover of the resort that runs from 22nd May to 20th June that we are sure will be a whole load of fun. Not much has been known about the event, until now.


Friday 30th April 2021

David Walliams has given his official seal of approval to Gangsta Granny: The Ride, Alton Towers Resort’s newest attraction based on his best-selling novel, Gangsta Granny.

Tuesday 13th April 2021

The opening of The World Of David Walliams is just weeks away and final preparations are being made to another new addition within the area. A new flat ride called Flavio’s Fabulous Fandango is being installed in the corner. 

Tuesday 13th April 2021

For Scarefest temporary mazes are set up around the park and inside the towers, however, for the past few years, some of the mazes have remained set up but not used for example Project 42 at Nemesis Sub Terra. 

Tuesday 13th April 2021

Alton Towers has launched a new clothing line of three retired rides and the year they opened and closed. 

The Corkscrew, The Flume and Black Hole are the first three rides to be part of this legacy T-Shirts collection on sale at £35 each. 

Tuesday 13th April 2021

Today is the first day of the theme park season at Alton Towers which means new pin badges! And there's a lot of new pin badges for all the collectors out there. 

A new mini set of badges has been launched costing £16, the set includes all of the main rollercoaster logos.

Tuesday 13th April 2021

During the 2020 closed season, Congo River Rapids has had new theming installed. To keep in line with the African safari theme of the ride, new Katanga style theming has been installed to the queue line! 

Tuesday 13th April 2021

Alton Towers has built a permanent stage on the right-hand side of the lawns for all of the events it's got planned for the 2021 theme park season. 

Tuesday 13th April 2021

Battle Galleons has had lots of work has gone into giving the attraction a new lease of life after voyages across the rough seas have started taking their toll.

Monday 12th April 2021

During the 2020 season, Alton Towers decided to close the monorail transport link between the hotels/car park and the park entrance.