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Walking Dead Fright Nights 2017

Date Posted:

Tuesday 5th September 2017


Today Thorpe Park Resort announced the theme of this year’s Halloween event Fright Nights. Rumours had been going around for a few weeks that the theme could be Walking Dead and today the park have confirmed it with possibly the best PR stunt.

The park unleased the news via a walker-infested billboard in London.

“The living billboard, which soaked unaware passing commuters in blood and guts this morning in London, was created using over 50 kilogrammes of offal (animal organs and entrails) and blood.”

Thorpe Park in Surrey has secured an exclusive deal with the U.S. television network AMC to launch two new live-action attractions based on the globally renowned TV series The Walking Dead. The mazes coincide with the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 8 on 23rd October at 9pm on FOX and the landmark 100th episode.

The indoor maze called The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare will see visitors experience terrifying iconic scenes of the global phenomenon, including the world’s first live attraction featuring of season 7.   They will join other survivors on the brink of death at the mercy of the notorious Negan.

In The Walking Dead: Sanctum, guests will experience a live-action outdoor maze like no other. Following in the footsteps of survivors, they have to navigate their way past the roaming walkers or risk being captured.

Also making a return to this year’s Fright Nights event is Platform 15, The Big Top and Saw Alive. 

It would also appear that face it alones have been scared for this years event! A sad loss however they got a little bit stupid over the last few years. 

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