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Transylvania photo horror booth

Date Posted:

Monday 9th April 2012


During the closed season at Chessington the old electric chair that was in the Transylvania area stopped working during the zoo days which started off rumours that it was going to leave the park after years of being hosted in the Transylvania area. However 1 week into the ark being open the whole structure that used to host the chair got taken down by the park with a sign across it saying something new is coming soon and finally after weeks of the park being open we can now see the new photo unit which has taken its place. Although it doesn’t fully fit in with the theme of the land it still stands out from the rest of the land which should be good for sales. The photography booth is named “Photo horror” where you and your friends can go sit down inside and have your photo done on a special piece of paper, prices range from around £8 so its not the cheapest or the best!

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