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ToyTown re-theme

Date Posted:

Sunday 29th January 2012


The toy-town re-theme is fully under way now as can be seen in the photos below. In the exclusive photos we can see that the old flying jumbos control box looks like its going to be kept as a sound and lights box. Were not sure what the theme of the show is going to be yet, but there are strong rumours that the theme is going to be something around lions. As seen in the photos the old facade of the shops and old arcade have got scaffolding in front of theme so the whole land looks like its going to get a total makeover. Currently nothing is known about the flying jumbos or the berry bouncers ride, but we shall update you when we know more. Now the photos that we have got with this update have been taken exclusively for theme park guide. We're unable to disclose the name of the person that took them for us but they have said that were able to use them, therefore credit must be given if you use these photos.

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