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Tiger Rock Opening Day Announced

Date Posted:

Wednesday 24th January 2018


The opening day of Tiger Rock has been announced in a video released by the park yesterday (23/01/18). The video shows the new tigers that will be joining the line up of animals at Chessington, which are coming from Kolmarden Safari Park in Kolmarden, Sweden, home of Europe's only Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) Rollercoaster, known as Wildfire.

The video shows Chessingtons Carnivore keepers video calling Kolmarden to check on the Tigers, Tsar, Kyra, Olga, and Kalinka before they make the long journey to the UK.

Posted with the video, the opening day of the area was also announced:

"Last week we introduced you to Tsar, Kyra, Olga and Kalinka! Ahead of their arrival our Zoo Keepers have been using FaceTime to get to know the roar-some foursome, who you’ll be able to see here in their new home from Saturday May 5"

So Tiger Rock will open on Saturday May 5th! The 'Land of the Tigers' area is a refurbishment and improvement of the Chinese inspired area of the park, Mystic East. The area will feature a huge tiger enclosure and improved rockwork to the drop of Dragon Falls, that will resemble a large Tiger head. The enclosure itself will feature walkways for the tigers that can walk over which cross over the trough of the Tiger Rock, log flume.

The website also says as follows:

"Welcoming a family of four endangered Amur Tigers, tigers truly rock at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in 2018, with the launch of Tiger Rock on Saturday 5th May - an exhilarating log flume ride in Land of the Tiger, featuring a new innovative big cat enclosure with Europe’s first overhead trails!"

We will be attending the opening of Tiger Rock and will bring you all the updates to our website and social media channels.

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