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The Smiler Begins Testing Again

Date Posted:

Tuesday 15th September 2015


Over the past few days it would seem The Smiler at Alton Towers has begun testing again following the accident on the ride on 2nd June 2015. Prior to the ride testing rope inspections of the ride where undertaken along with what we believe are safety enhancements of the ride system. Two new boxes have been placed around the ride area which we believe will be reset switches that the engineers have to use to reset the ride in the future.

However the big question everyone is thinking at the moment is when will the ride reopen? We think that the park wouldn't be going through all of this effort over the past few weeks not to try get it open in time for scarefest. All of the money, time and effort we think the park would be stupid not to try reopen the ride. However when the park does reopen the smiler we are sure that the media will go crazy again. So in our eyes the resort have to tread carefully when they reopen the ride. 

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