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Technical Issues Hinder Park Opening

Date Posted:

Sunday 12th February 2012


Its been one tuff week for Alton Towers, with snow falling a week ago then starting to clear then another snow fall in the last few days the British weather has gone to show anything is possible! As you may know this week Alton Towers is hosting there annual half term thrills line up where Nemeses, Air, Oblivion, Hex and a couple of other rides are open to the public. Sounds simple but due to all of the snow and ice we have had over the past few days this event has been turned into chaos in some places! Due to huge bits of ice on the nemesis ride it was unable to open on Saturday 11th February 2012 the same situation that happened to the other rides in the park! However today (12.2.2012) every ride that was listed to open successfully opened apart from the runaway mine train to which Alton Towers have said, “Please note: For technical reasons, the Runaway Mine Train is currently unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” This was taken from there website at 16:30pm on 12.2.12, we shall keep you updated on this if and when we get more news.

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