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Stealth single rider removal

Date Posted:

Tuesday 20th March 2012


Thorpe Park is now open to the public and we can now see some of the updates the park has done over the closed season. One of the major changes been done to stealth is the removal of the single rider queue line. When you go to Thorpe Park and its busy you often go to Stealth and go to the single rider queue line and have a couple of go’s on stealth. However now its has all changed Thorpe Park have decided to remove this single rider queue line and change it to a disabled queue line, now if your thinking like us then how are disabled people going to walk up those stairs has Thorpe Park not thought about this change much? Another change that has been done in the stealth area is lots of repainting on the stealth control box a new sign has been painted giving the stealth plaza area a new lease of life. 

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