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Stealth Suffers Technical Issues

Date Posted:

Monday 1st August 2016


With schools out for the Summer Holidays queues at theme parks across the UK have doubled and with the ghost train now open at Thorpe Park Resort the park is busier than ever! With the queue for Derren Browns Ghost Train hitting 150 minutes on some days. 

However Thorpe Parks biggest rollercoaster Stealth seems to be experiencing a few technical issues recently. The ride has been closed since Sunday 24th July and since the weekend fences have been put up around the ride stopping people from entering the plaza area. IN the photos below we noticed the launch cable for the ride looking very slack. This could be the park replacing the launch cable, something which happens every 6 months or so. 

The park have updated the main website with a scrolling message saying:

“Please note: Stealth is currently unavailable”

Photo Gallery: